Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So much fun!

For Christmas, at my request, my bf bought me EA Sports Active and it's been sitting in the box for the last couple of days while I was busy shopping and playing Lego Star Wars.

This morning, deciding that I don't need to wait until January 1st to start working out again, and realizing that my basement is still a disaster leaving both the bike and treadmill un-useable, I opened the box. I honestly wasn't expecting much from it. Wii fit is fun but mostly for the games, I find it kind of boring after a while. EA Sports Active? Wow, it was fun and super challenging! It made me do 2 reps of squats. SQUATS! I hate squats. And lunges! My legs are pretty much jello right now. This tells me 2 things, I'm in pretty bad shape, EA Sports Active is a good workout!

It only took me about 22 minutes to complete a variety of activities including the aboe mentioned squats and lungers, also a couple of more toning exercises using a resistance band, some running, in-line skating and boxing. Fun! According to the game I burned 126 calories!

I can totally see myself using this regularly on top of my running.

And speaking of running, I need to get my basement organized so I can start using the treadmill again. I want to sign up for my first 5k in May and I know it's not a very far distance, I'm super nervous about it and would feel better if I could start running now!

Normally Wednesdays are grocery day in our house, but since my bf is off tomorrow I'm just going to go in the morning when there should hopefully be less people. I should need too much since we've got a party on one night and I'm planning on making turkey another. Also, this week a couple of our planned meals didn't happen since I got home too late and made something else on the fly. I have a lot of things to use up in my fridge and I want to do so with the least amount of waste possible!

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