Monday, December 28, 2009

It's snowing again!

Let me tell ya, online shopping can be a dangerous thing! I've been perusing the Stah Teas website and there's so many flavours we don't have available around here that I want to buy!

Also dangerous, time wasted playing video games. My bf bought me the lego star wars game for the wii and I accidentally just spent about 2 hours playing... it's so much fun but not really worth all of the time it steals away from me!

If I was my camera cord, where would I be?? I seriously need to find it because I want to start posting pictures! I find they always make the blogs I read interesting and that's something I want to do here too!

My mom came by last night to bring me my Christmas presents. That woman seriously spoils me. She had already bought me 2 things, a gorgeous necklace and a leather jacket, but on top of that I also got another necklace with earings and ring, shoes, clothes, a beautiful giraffe statue, the perfume I have been coveting, and other stuff I can't even remember. I love my mom!

Today we went out for some more shopping. We went with my aunt this time and she wanted to go to Danier leather to get her son & husband a leather coat like I had gotten my bf. It wasn't as crazy today as it was on the 26th, but they had the same deals.. I guess the advantage to going early is that you're more likely to get the sizes you need.. I needed nothing though so I walked out empty handed.

Then we went to Costco. Costco is always such band news but I LOVE going there. I walked in needing toilet paper & cheese strings. I walked out with those things plus some cat food... my poor cat has been stuck eating dog food all week since I keep forgetting about him! I also bought dog treats, we ran out about 3 months ago and as much as they love getting carrots as treats, every once in a while they love their cookies too! Plus, the dog treats were on sale! I also bought myself 4 new tops for running. 1 tank, 1 tee and 2 jacket-type things. Two of the items were on sale, 2 were not. I'm in need of some new running clothes though so I'll just pull that money from my slush fund account.. it's what it's there for!

Our last stop was the grocery store. I had forgotten to thaw out some fish for dinner so I ended up buying some tofu, garlic bread and some brocoli slaw. For dinner I ransacked the fridge, I chopped up some brussel sprouts, garlic, zucchini & green onion as well as 1/3 of the tofu and cooked everything up in some olive oil, I then added some left over marinara into the mix. For some reason I had no spaghetti in the pantry but I did find 2 half used bags of Farkay noodles, so I cooked those up and mixed everything together. I served that along with half of the garlic bread and the brocoli slaw tossed with some sunflower seeds & Asian Sesame dressing and it was a super good dinner! Plus, lots of leftovers!

Tomorrow's plan, for serious this time, is getting some cleaning done! Other than the kitchen not much else got accomplished today! And tomorrow is also eggroll making day at my mom's. She's a late riser though so I know I can get some quality cleaning done at my own house before she even gets out of bed! I can't believe that tomorrow is already Tuesday! Vacation always goes by so fast!

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