Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years Eve! We kept it very low key here. I don't think, in our 7 years together that we've ever done anything to celebrate the New Year. Last night we were even in bed before midnight! I was super tired and I wanted to get an early start to my day today, it was worth it! We had a nice dinner, a bottle of wine and watched a movie and I'm happy with that as a way to bring in the new year.

Over the last week or so I've been putting together a list of Resolutions/Goals that I want to work towards over the next year. I find if I don't have anything like this in place I just kind of coast through the year.

In no particular order, here are my goals.

Create a Will
I've been meaning to do this since we bought the house 5+ years ago. With the house I have my various savings which at the moment don't add up to a fortune, but it's still important to have my will in place. I plan to research this more in the new year and save up the money to get it done.

Bills to Credit Card
Since I became debt-free in May I've been able to prove to myself that I can use a credit card and pay it off in full at the end of the month. I want to have all the bills I can be automaticall paid with the credit card, this way I can take advantage of my credit card's cash back. It's not much but I'm sure it'll add up.

Earn an extra $2010
I got this idea from a variety of blogs out there. My plan is to earn an extra $2010 in 2010 to be put into my TFSA which is my Emergency fund when it's actual cash I'm getting. This money can come from anywhere such as Swagbucks, Surveys, Acting Pay & overtime from work, and anything that I sell.

I only started contributing into my RRSPS this summer. When I get my taxes back I want to see what my contribution limit is and figure out a way to achieve it over the next whatever amount of years. I also need to decide if it's more important for me to max out my TFSA first.

De-Clutter the House
I have so much stuff that needs to GO! I have lots of books & dvds & video games that I'll bring to a local consignment shop as well as some decorative pieces. Lots of junk that if it can't be sold or donated will be sent to the dump. I also have some bigger things like a couch, a tv & stand, snowboard, aquariums that are taking up valuable space in the house.

Paint Loft, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom & Basement
This is pretty self explanatory. This summer I did my living room, bathroom, dining room & kitchen, this is everything else except for that cat's room. I've been in this house for over 5 years, it's time some color went up on the walls!

Run 1-2 5K's
I hope to get at least 1 run in but ideally 2. I would like to run the Ottawa Marathon 5K in May and then the Army 5K in Septemeber. This gives me more than enough time to prepare. I've started this goal a couple of times but ultimately give up out of boredom or because of an injury. I plan to train smart and not overdo it. And to overcome the boredom, caused by running on the treadmill, I'm going to get over my self-conciousness and start running outside. I've also talked a family member and a friend into running with my so they'll help keep me accountable.

Finish 4 University Courses by March 31st 2011
I get my university courses paid for by work. March 31st 2011 is the end of out fiscal year at work, between now and then I want to get 4 courses done. In the past year I've only done 2. I need to just buckle down and focus and get them done. I do my courses through correspondence and I get 6 months per course to get them done. I need to trick myself into thinking I only have 3 months!

Try Yoga in a studio
I love yoga but I've only ever done it at home following a video. I LOVE the Namaste series that aired on tv a while back. I feel as though I would benefit from practicing in a studio. This is a challenge in that I'm super self concious and shy to it'll take a lot for me to get over that and go to a new place with new people, but I want to do it.

Only buy lunch 1x/week MAX
I often get into ruts where I'll go days or weeks buying my lunch. Despite doing my best to make healthy choices, this isn't good for my budget. Every Friday the girls get together and do Friday Lunch, I still want to participate in that and I budget for that. Fridays are the only day I want to buy my lunch. Monday-Thursdays are off-limits.

And that's it. I may come up with more as the year progresses but these are the main things I want to focus on this year. Some are 1-time things, some are ongoing but they're all things that I want to get done before the end of 2010.

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