Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day!

I am LOVING being on vacation!

A recap of the last few days:

Christmas Eve
The Reveillon was mostly fun. We got the my aunt & uncle`s at around 8:30, we sat around and chatting for about 20 minutes and then my cousin & uncle ordered `The Hangover`on pay-per-view so we all sat down to watch it. About halfway through, around 10pm we paused it to sit down and eat dinner. My aund had made fondue so we had a choice of beef, chicken, cheese and various veggies. It was delicious but eating so late was kind of a weird experience. After dinner we went back down to finish the movie and then back upstairs to open some gifts. My aunt & uncle bought me a warm zebra throw and a zebra statue.

Christmas Morning
The bf and I woke up and after I failed at making coffee 2x he made a pot and we settled in to open gifts. We had set a $200 limit and I`m pretty sure I went over by a bit for him, I`m ok with it. Everything I bought for him I got fantastic deals on so he got a lot for $200! I`m very happy with what he got me, some books, some dvds and a couple of wii games.

Christmas Night
The plan was to drive to the in-laws who live about an hour away. Dinner was supposed to be sandwiches but my MIL ended up doing the whole turkey dinner. We played wii for a while and then ate and opened gifts. We left to come home at aorund 9:30 and on our way home we passed 3 different cars that had spun out into the ditch. I hate driving in the winter so I stressed a bit, but I just slowed right down and got us home safe and sound.

Boxing Day
Today was actually pretty quiet. I slept in late, getting up at 10am and I ended up going out with my mom to shop for a couple of hours. Danier Leather was having a sale so we checked that out. My mom ended up buying me a nice leather coat as a gift which I super appreciated. I bought my bf a coat, his birthday is coming up on January 27th and he`s been talking about wanting a new coat. Plus, I could not pass up the deal, a $400 jacket for $99? Amazing! I hope he likes it! Aftwerwards we went to the mall and I bought the bf a Mustang Page-A-Day calendar at 50% off, I got a Black Lab one for myself and a blank journal to use as my 2010 agenda type thing. I also bought a purple pair of faux-uggs to wear around the house because they are comfy!

My mom and I are probably going to get out to another mall. I still need to find more things for the bf's birthday. It kind of sucks having to go out and buy more gifts so soon after Christmas, but on the other hand, with all the sales I usually find some pretty great deals! My Godchild's birthday is in March so I always try to find stuff for him too. Also, my birthday is in February so I'm on the lookout of what to ask for!

My mom is then supposed to bring me to her house so we can spend the rest of the day making some homemade eggrolls with all of her leftover turkey! She also apparently has some Christmas gifts for me too which I totally wasn't expecting. I got an early present from her last month and then she bought me that jacket today... she always spoils me SO MUCH.

I would also like to get some cleaning done around the house. At least the main floor since it's where we spend pretty much all of our time...though my day seems like it will be pretty full already!

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a safe and merry Christmas! Presents are always fun but my favorite is by far spending time with family and friends. And talking on the phone to those who live too far away.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    You got some awesome deals!! I also have 3 birthdays from January 19th-February 20th, so I should follow your example and go looking for sales.

    The leather jackets seem like the best deals!!!