Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa`s current location is Egypt!

It's currently 4pm and I still have 4 hours to kill before going over to my uncle's house for reveillon so I figured I'd drop by and post.

December 23rd was pay day so a bunch of money got transferred into my various ING accounts.

$25 - New Laptop Account
$75 - House Account
$75 - New Car Account
$50 - Slush Account
$30 - Presents Account
$5 - Medical Account (I get reimbursed 80% so this is to cover the difference)
$25 - Non-Registered Mutual Fund
$75 - RRSP
$125 - Canada Savings Bonds
$50 - TFSA aka Emergency fund.

Since I maxed out my CPP & EI a couple of pays ago, I've been transferring the extra to various accounts and this pay period it was an extra $121.97 which I put into my TFSA.


Today was an unofficial half day at work so I went in to get a few things done before being off for all of next week! Since our group does a whole thing with Santa and his elf everyone brings in their kids so it was a lot of fun to hang out with all of them and share in their Christmas excitement!

I sat with them and watched Santa arrive and then take a seat and start calling up each child to give them a gift. To my surprise my name got called out to go and get a gift! My father works for the same group and he'd slipped in a gift for me as a joke, lol! So I got to go and and get my picture taken with Santa :D

After all of that excitement I went up to my dad's office and had a couple of glasses of wine with his staff. They had a table full of food & desserts so that was a fun time also! We ended up leaving around 12:30 and I came home and immediately took a quick nap! I didn't get very much sleep though so now I'm slowly drinking a cafe mocha to get some caffeine in my veins!


Lastly I have a quick health update, apparently the ENT specialist saw my scans and wants to see me sooner rather than later, so I was able to get an appointment to do that at the end of January. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not since I was initially told it could take much longer to get an appt but until I hear anything I'm not even going to stress about it. It's not like I can do anything to change my situation.


I am so excited for Christmas!! As soon as my bf finishes wrapping up my presents we're going to watch the 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special` I`ve been wanting to see it for so long I hope he`s done wrapping soon!!

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