Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jumping Right In.

RBC 1 .. TD 0

I'm in the process of transferring all of my banking over to TD from RBC. In the past, my bf and I would transfer eachother money within our RBC accounts and it would always appear right away, but now that we're with TD we've discovered that it actually takes a whole business day for the transfer to occur. We called today and since he transferred me money after 6 on a weekend, I won't have access to these funds until 6pm on Monday! It's crazy! But it's also ok since I don't immediately need access to the money, it's just 'good to know' info.

Spending Report:

I spent the whole day out braving the malls today and I'm happy that I managed to end my day with my patience intact and my spending under control.

At the Signatures Craft Show I purchased a small gift for a friend at work, after tax I only spent $10.11

At Winners/Homesense I picked up a $25.00 Gift card for my bf for his Secret Santa exchange at work. He'll be paying me back for that purchase.

Besides that my only other purchase was at Walmart for 1 gift, Christmas Supplies, deoderant and a magazine, here's the breakdown:

Everything fell within budget, the only 'extra' was my magazine.

I'm almost done my Christmas Shopping after this! On Monday I have to go pick up the restaurant gift card for my in-laws, mail my 2 little cousin's presents, my god child's gift card and then find a gift for my godfather and aunt and I'm done! Actually, I also have to find something for my dogs but I think I might just wait and get them stuff during the after Christmas sales.. they won't know the difference!

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