Saturday, December 19, 2009

Smiling is my favorite!

Elf is playing on tv!! It's my favorite Christmas movie and I can't not watch there go any plans I had of being productive tonight! And despite my plans of getting many things crossed off my to-do list today, I spent the day shopping with my mom and therefore got absolutely nothing accomplished. Whoops!

I was certain that this being the last weekend before Christmas the malls would be insane... Surprisingly, we went to 2 and they weren't! We even went to Walmart and it seemed no different than any other day.. I'm very grateful for that!

Last year for Christmas I got $100 in gift certificates from the second mall we went to. Since they're about to expire I was hoping to find something to spend my money on but I wasn't so lucky. I found one bright pink trench-like coat by Peppercorn I really loved, but they didn't have the size I need :( And I didn`t want to just buy something for the sake of buying so I walked out empty handed. I``ll go back after Christmas and hopefully fare better. I think I`ve decided though, if I can`t find anything I`ll either get some running clothes, new shoes or a new watch.

As for Walmart, I did some impulse shopping but I was mostly good. I spent about $23 on some peppermint tea, a new Tetley tea, some tofu, pancake mix, frozen blueberries, cream cheese and a couple of treats for the dogs. I resisted putting many more things in my cart though, including a couple of magazines.. so I`m calling this a successful outing.

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