Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Overheard in the office..

Actually, this wasn't even overheard, this was an actual conversation I had with a coworker of mine.

R - My boyfriend just called, he got $2000 extra!

Me - Really? That's great! Good for him.

R - Yeah, his credit card limit just got raised from $750 to $3000. Whoo hoo! So we're going down south after Christmas AND he's going to buy me an iPod Touch for Christmas

Me - ...

R - This is the best day EVER!

Me - You do realize that this is CREDIT and not money that was given to your boyfriend, right? He'll need to pay it back.

R - Yeah, but that`s his problem. He`s already declared bankruptcy once so if he needs to do it again then whatever.

Oh my god­. I couldn`t believe that I had this conversation with someone for real. I mean, I was never always debt-free but I like to think that I was, at least to some extent, responsible about money!


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  1. I agree, crazy. I once knew a person who got more financial aid then he originally thought. What did he do? Go out and buy a PS3 (this was back when PS3 cost like $400).