Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our love's the only truth

The closer we get to Christmas the busier stores are going to get, this is why I've decided that tomorrow I need to get most, if not all of my Christmas shopping done.

I need to pick up a French Christmas card to mail my god child's gift card.

I need to mail god-child's gift card & also package for my little cousins.

I need to go to Baton Rouge to get gift card for the in-laws and I've decided to also get a gift card for my god father & aunt.

I need to go to the LCBO to pick up a bottle of wine for my uncle.

And finally I need to get to Costco to get some beer for the bf as we're starting to run low.

After all of this the last thing on my list will be my dogs and I've decided to just wait for the after Christmas sales to get them new toys.

Coming up tomorrow I'll have my weekly menu plan which I'm working on now.

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