Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This week has been flying by, it's not even funny!

Today I was a little bit bad. I went out and bought a bottle of spiced rum, I used a $25 gift card my bf received as a secret santa gifts, I had to pay the $1.95 extra to cover the difference. At lunch my coworker talked me into getting Thai food so that cost me another $11.25. The we started talking about the movie Elf and since I don't actually own it and it's my favorite movie.. we went down to HMV and each bought a copy, so that was another $14. Totally worth it though.

When I came home I noticed that I'd missed the Purolator delivery guy by about 20 minutes. So now I have to drop by the post office tomorrow afternoon to pick up my Garmin Forerunner! I've decided that since it is in fact a gift to myself for Christmas, I'm going to not open it up right away, I'm going to wrap it up and stick it under the tree! Sadly it's still going to be the ONLY gift for me under there since my bf is the king of procrastinating. None of my gifts are wrapped yet! In fact, they're all still sititng in the same Amazon box they were delivered in!

1.5 more work days and then it's 10 glorious days off!! Tomorrow my goal is to find myself a cute little notebook for 2010 and then that's it for shopping for me!

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