Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Star Wars kind of day

For some reason, probably because it's cold as all hell out there, I can't seem to warm up tonight. I've made about 4 cups of tea, I've put on my brand new super fuzzy & warm pjs and I'm hiding under a blanket.. nothing's working!

Today was a fun day, but fun days have a tendency to go by way too fast! My mother called me up this morning to see if I wanted to go back to Danier Leather with her and my aunt. The leather jacket I bought for my bf's bday? My aunt had bought one for my cousin yesterday and now my uncle wanted one too. While we were there my mom found on that was a Tall size so she also bought one for my dad. I'm going to crack up if ever we all go out and the guys all wear their coats!

After that purchase we went to St. Laurent mall. Last year my mom had given me 2 $25 gift cards for the mall and they were about to expire, along the way I got another $25 card too so I was looking to spend them. St. Laurent also has a Danier store and I found a coat I loved there for the right price. No more coats now though, I seriously own more than enough!

We also hit up Costco on the way back home. My mom bought a wii yesterday and she wanted to go back and get the wii fit. Since there's some kind of pull between me and Costco and I can't seem to walk out of there without spending money, I bought, for my wii fit the Everlast weights & platform for the step-ups. Also, they had these running shoes at a good deal. I swear by my Asics, but these Avia shoes are pretty comfy from what I've gathered wearing them around the house. I'll probably keep them at work for when I go on walks at lunch.

After all of that shopping it was Eggroll time! Finally!! My mother used to make these all the time when I was a kid but she hasn't made any in YEARS! We threw some cabbage, carrot, celery & green onion into the food processor, I chopped up some turkey, some pepper & fleur de sel and we were ready to make eggrolls!! It was really fun too! My mother insisted on deep frying hers for a couple of minutes to 'start them off' but I wasn't having any of that. I pulled out a Pampered Chef stone and baked mine on there. They were just as good, if not better than the fried ones! I seriously love Pampered Chef stones, I cook everything on them. I ended up coming home with about 20 (!!) eggrolls. My mother has another 20 and the final batch of 20 are going to my aunt, uncle and cousin tomorrow.

Mom and I always hang out on Saturdays and we usually go shopping... and we're terrible influences on eachother. We were talking today about having to stop that but still wanting to do stuff together, so we're going to look into doing more active things, like perhaps cross country skiing, or hiking. Another option we talked about was getting together to cook or bake like we did today. If we could cut down our shopping to 1x/month it would be an improvement!

While I was at my mom's I set up her wii for her since my dad wouldn't do it. She played around with the wii fit for a bit and she loves it! I'm glad since i've been telling her to get one for ages!! When I came home, after the kitchen was cleaned up and the bf was in bed (he's back at work already and gets up at 4:30am!), I dusted off my wii fit and played for about an hour. I'm not proud to report that I've apparently gained about 12lbs since this time last year which was the last time I used my wii fit! Whoops! I was already planning to get back on track though, so I'm not freaking out over this.

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