Sunday, December 27, 2009

To buy or not to buy...

In our living room we have an old reclining sofa and love seat that my parents gave us about 3 or 4 years ago when they got new leather sofas. These are about 20 years old and super dated but they're still comfy so we took them. The loveseat is still in great condition, the couch however is showing serious signs of wear & tear. I'm guessing having 2 dogs that are regular fixtures on the couch doesn't help much either!

I was browsing various furniture stores for boxing deals in case I found a new set that was at a good price and I came across a couch, chair & ottoman that I quite liked and I've spent ALL DAY debating whether I should order it or not. Shipping is free and it would be here on Thursday which is great since I'll be home. I have about $1300 in my House account which is where I regularly put money aside for purchases such as thing, however about $800 of that is reserved for putting in a fence in the spring. I could probably replenish that in plenty of time but then I remembered I could cash in some savings bonds and only take about $300 from that account.

It's been hours of me deliberating but I've finally closed the window and I've decided to wait. The difference between the regular price and the sale price ends up being only about $250 which is still quite a bit of money but it's not like it's a deal of a lifetime type of thing. Plus, the couch looked real nice on the picture I saw of it on the internet, but I'm guessing the smart thing to do would be to at least get my butt to the store to see it in person first before I actually drop $1200 on the set!

So it looks like I'm going to be stuck with my old couches for a while still but I'm ok with that :D

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