Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update

I have had such a lazy and unproductive weekend. I actually hurt myself SNEEZING. Wtf is that??! I have managed to get some cleaning done, but as my movement is limited due to my sneezing injury (so ridic) I haven't been able to workout. It seems as though every weekend a different excuse comes up and that needs to stop.

I wish they would stop playing Christmas commercials on tv. That being said, I still need to take down my decorations.. but I guess they don't feel all that Christmas-y since they're purple.

I'm trying out my new crockpot for the first time today. I made some Boeuf Bourginion and it's making the house smell AMAZING. I also plan on using it more time this week to make some pineapple pork. I really need to find some more recipes so I can get in the habit of using it a few times a week to free up some of my time when I come home from work.


  1. This website has tons of crockpot recipes -

    The public library has lots of cookbooks too. I have been just placing holds and picking them up as they come in. They're rarely actually on the shelf. I'll try and return the three I'm holding hostage soon!

  2. awwh. I can totally relate to the sneezing. I once sneezed so often that my abs hurt! It was like doing crunches.

    I love crockpots. So easy and convenient. Stuff everything in before work. Come home to a complete meal. :)

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