Friday, January 8, 2010


I wasn't sure I would make it through this week, it was SO BUSY! I had to deal with the fact that I was off last week, so lots of catching up, plus starting a new job which the previous person left virtually undone for the last 2 months. Everything needs to be done 5 minutes ago! I love this kind of hectic work environment though so no complaints from me!

My workouts have taken a back seat this week which is disappointing but such is life. I'll get back into it tomorrow. I was planning on getting some studying done this weekend but forgot my school books at work... totally accidentally, I swear! Normally I'd be able to go in and get them but this weekend they're doing some kind of power shut-down and I won't have access to the building. This'll give me PLENTY of time to work out! And get some cleaning done!

Money-wise this was a mostly good week. Fridays are usually the 1x/week I buy lunch since a group of us meet to catch up. This week work treated us so I had to pay for nothing! That money will get transferred to savings at the end of the month.

The only bad thing was running out of dog food for both dogs this month. We normally have it timed so that I only have to get 1 bag/month but in December I never got around to it, so it looks like my budget is taking the hit this month but in reality I had money leftover from the last. And you can bet that next month I still won't need food but I'll buy a bag anyway to stay on track!

Here's what my tracking looks like so far, 1 week into the month.

The Bell bill was way high but I called them to have it lowered, it should hopefully be under $300 for next month. The rest of the bills come towards the end of the month so they'll be covered by the second pay I get this month.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Costco to pick up a couple of items in the grocery department. Also, while I'm there I'll be asking for a credit. The weekend before last I bought an Everlast package for the Wii at a cost of $38.XX and this week they have it at $8 off! I want my credit! Had I known I would have just waited to purchase it, but Costco is usually really good about crediting you back.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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