Sunday, January 3, 2010

We had a really late night last night. I was in bed at 2:30 :( I wasn't a big fan of the party as I felt like the ONLY sober person there and half the people were fall on their butts drunk. I'm glad I wasn't drinking though. I had half a glass of wine at dinner and then water the rest of the evening.

The dinner was buffet and incredibly delish. I had a couple of shrimp, some smoked salmon, waldorf salad, a bit of chicken cacciatore, a small piece of salmon and some wild rice as well as lots and lots of maple roasted root veggies. The veggies were my FAVE! After the eating there was dancing and they had set up blackjack & poker tables so I killed time playing those.

This morning I was planning to wake up nice & early because it's my last day of vacation :( I have lots of laundry to do plus I want to be able to fall asleep tonight! Unfortunately, the bad weather knocked out the power and the alarm never went off! I rolled out of bed at 9:30, yikes!

This is going to be a very laid back day, it's my last day to accomplish things on my to-do list such as the laundry, some housework and finding that silly camera cord so I can't start posting pictures! I've only been talking about it for 2 weeks now, lol!

I'm still debating whether I should attempt a 3k run today. I'm feeling very sluggish, as if I'm starting to come down with something, and my muscles are still screaming at me... but today would be a great time to do it as I'm off all day and have no plans to go out. I suppose I'll see where the day takes me. I am going to take a break from the wii workout though. It's been tellingme for the last 2 days I need to take a rest day and I'm more than happy to oblige today!

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  1. I just found your blog when you commented on mine. I've added you to my reader and look forward to following a local!